Thursday, March 25, 2021

Book 3: Shards of Solace is now available!


Cassie’s world has been shattered.

She’s lost everything - friends, love, happiness. Broken and alone in self-imposed exile, the woman the world once knew as Solace has locked her powers away while she battles the pain that haunts her memories. 

Then a dying young woman appears, ripped from a dystopian alternate reality and wearing the face of Cassie’s greatest regret. Only Cassie can save her, but that means returning to the team she left behind, the friends she abandoned. It means facing the man she loved - still loves - but doesn’t believe she deserves. Saving this one girl could bring the redemption Cassie craves for her past failures. 

And when the very fabric of reality is threatened, she’ll have to become the hero the world already thinks she is. She’ll have to sacrifice everything - and a healer who pledged to do no harm will have to wage interdimensional war to bring down a sadistic tyrant and save two worlds. 

The exciting conclusion to The Starforce Saga!