Books by Richard L. Wright

The Starforce Saga

Book 1 - Burden of Solace

She can heal any wound, but the price is her freedom, her humanity, and her love.
After a brutal attack, medical student Cassie Whelan discovers she has empathic healing abilities. She’s become an exohuman - a non-human according to the law. She must choose between hiding the miracles she can perform or becoming an anonymous, numbered government slave - like Guardian 175, the horribly disfigured exo who is falling in love with her. With her empathic senses, she can actually feel his growing affection for her. But his loyalties are divided between love and duty. She wants to trust him, but betrayal by him could destroy everything. And the one thing she can’t heal is her own heart.

Book 2 - Solace Rising

Can't a super-girl catch a break?
It's been a year since Cassie Whelan “Emerged” as a powerful exohuman healer and she's finally feeling comfortable in her new role as a superhero. She and her boyfriend, Nate, are doing great and are even building a team of heroes to better protect and serve humanity.
But it looks like Nate is a little too interested in their newest recruit, a beautiful blonde ice controller.
On top of that, anti-exo bigots are picketing her home and the government is spying on her.
Oh, and there’s also an invasion of dragons. From outer space.
So… Yeah, she’s not having a great week.

Book 3 - Shards of Solace

Cassie’s world has been shattered.
She’s lost everything - friends, love, happiness. Broken and alone in self-imposed exile, the woman the world once knew as Solace has locked her powers away while she battles the pain that haunts her memories.
Then a dying young woman appears, ripped from a dystopian alternate reality and wearing the face of Cassie’s greatest regret. Only Cassie can save her, but that means returning to the team she left behind, the friends she abandoned. It means facing the man she loved - still loves - but doesn’t believe she deserves. Saving this one girl could bring the redemption Cassie craves for her past failures.
And when the very fabric of reality is threatened, she’ll have to become the hero the world already thinks she is. She’ll have to sacrifice everything - and a healer who pledged to do no harm will have to wage interdimensional war to bring down a sadistic tyrant and save two worlds.

The COMPLETE Starforce Saga

All three books of the saga in one Kindle e-book!  

Other Titles


The Girl Who Kicked Over an Anthill.
All physicist Lisa Randal wanted was to find out why her ex disappeared without a trace. No biggie, right? Just unraveling a riddle that has haunted her for years. So, Lisa and Darcy, her engineer girlfriend, did what any high-tech nerds with access to top secret technology would do. They invent a machine that allows them to see and hear events from the past. What's the harm in that?
Well, apparently it's a big effing deal to somebody and finding the answers Lisa craves has plunged them both into a deadly game of cat and mouse with people in the business of keeping secrets.
Good news - Lisa has the key to her Scoobie Doo mystery.
Bad news - people are trying to kill both of them.
Could be worse. Could be raining.

From the author of The Starforce Saga, a thrilling and witty new tale that explores the subtle falsehoods inherent in memories, and the implications of a window
into the past on privacy and security through the lens of two snarky, lesbian nerds.
Coming Soon: The Angry Heavens (2024)