Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hello, I'm Richard and this is my blog. This is where I will try to share with you, the reader, a little bit of my experience as a real-life "Mr. Fixit". I'll be talking about techniques, tools, and materials that are used in everyday and not-so-everyday projects around the home and in various hobbies. Anything from adding an extension to a dock, to making chainmail armor is fair game here. The emphasis will be on thoroughly understanding and planning beforehand to avoid making mistakes. And I'll throw in some mistakes that I have made so that you can learn from them too. Oh, and I might interject some random thoughts about Life, the Universe, and Everything just to keep things on the light side. I hope you'll check back here often. I'll have lots more to say once I get the colors and graphics here the way I want them.

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  1. This site has the best, easy to follow ,howm to videos I have seen. Thank you - you saved me from buying a new ceiling fan.