Sunday, January 26, 2020

Burden of Discussion

Book clubs: They're not just sitting around drinking wine. Many of them are filled with lively, intellectual discussions. To that end, it's fairly common for an author (or one of their minions) to create a list of questions, topics to spark discussions. Minions are good at that. I don't have any minions, not even the yellow plush toy ones, so I put together this list myself for Burden of Solace. Maybe I'll include it in future editions.
  1. Matthew, the nurse on the rooftop helipad, said footage of exos in action "sells for big bucks." So, just how much do you think his footage of Guardian 175 sold for? I'm asking for a friend.
  2. Is the difference in height between Cassie and Nate symbolic of their other differences? Or is the author just insecure about his own height and/or have a thing for short girls?
  3. What's up with Walsh and his cigarettes? Are they Freudian symbols?
  4. Detective Walsh has come up with some colorful names for Nate's secret base. What others can you come up with? Bonus points if they're naughty.
  5. How do you think the story would have played out differently if it were told entirely from Scratch's point of view? 
  6. The author mentions real Atlanta locations in several scenes. Did you find it gratifying that the Bank of America building had been destroyed? 
  7. Who would you cast to play Cassie in the movie version? No, not Scarlett Johansson. Jeez, try to be a little more original.
  8. Before her Emergence, Cassie appears to have a drinking problem. Her new self-healing ability now prevents alcohol from effecting her. How much must that suck?
  9. Who the hell is Louise? Or Gina for that matter?
  10. If you had Ballantine's powers, who would you swap bodies with and why? Do you feel your answer makes you a superhero, a supervillain, or just an ordinary perv?
  11. Do you think erotic fan-fiction involving Cassie, Nate and Etienne would sell? I'm asking because it totally exists. Not kidding.

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