Wednesday, February 9, 2022

RetroSpec Releases March 7th, Available NOW for Pre-Order!

It's that time of year again - a new book release! Pre-order your e-copy now for $2.99.

Three words: Snarky lesbian nerds. 

All physicist Lisa Randal wanted was to find out why her ex disappeared without a trace. She never dreamed finding answers would plunge her into a desperate and dangerous race. When Lisa and her engineer girlfriend accidentally invent a machine that allows them to see and hear events from the past, she finally has the key to unraveling the mystery that has haunted her. But powerful forces, people in the business of keeping secrets, will stop at nothing to capture Lisa and her RetroSpec device.

RetroSpec is an LGBTQ science fiction novella set in the present. It draws inspiration from Asimov’s classic tale, The Dead Past, while exploring the subtle falsehoods inherent in memories, and the implications of a window into the past on privacy and security. 

Preorder now, exclusively on Amazon.



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